Monday, January 24, 2011


As the people of Israel were getting ready to enter the Promised Land, Moses sent out 12 spies to check it out. Ten of the spies came back and said that conquering the Promised Land would be too tough. There were giants in the land. Two of the spies looked at the land through eyes of faith and said they could conquer the land with God’s help. But the children of Israel believed the first set of spies and their pessimistic outlook.

God gave them a test and they failed miserably. Instead of making it into the Promised Land, they spent years wandering around in the desert. Because these ten guys chose to look through eyes of fear, they lost an opportunity that God had prepared for them. They delayed their destiny for another 40 years.

It can happen to us, too. You’ve probably got a challenge in front of you right now. You know what it is. Maybe it’s your job or your finances or your marriage or your children. Maybe it’s a health issue. Something is in front of you that’s too big for you.

Nothing will play a bigger role in what God does through your life in 2011 than how you look at the world around you. It’s a matter of perspective. You have a choice: will you choose to look at your life through eyes of faith or eyes of fear? Look at the situation through eyes of fear and you’ll only see the giants in the land. Look at the situation through eyes of faith and you’ll see the big God who goes before you.

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